Cobrey Farms

We supplied and installed a new irrigation system to supply water and fertiliser to a new blueberry project.

The project consisted of a new tunnelled nursery containing coir pots and a new production field area also containing large coir pots. The systems had to factor in a combined water source with which to fill a new 700,000 litre tank.

A portion of the water came from a nearby stream which had to be filtered and pre-dosed before entering the tank, the remainder of the water consisted of rainwater from a harvesting system which had to be linked into the system to ensure that spare capacity was available.

Two new pump-houses were constructed to service the new sites and were fitted with pumps, filters, injection rigs and pre-dosing systems. The complete system was constructed on site and by working with the farms own staff to commission the project.

"A new site has been identified for 2011 and working with Cobrey Farms staff this project is already underway.“