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    Agri Management Solutions

    Abstraction licencing for boreholes
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    Agri Management Solutions

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    Agri Management Solutions

    Water filtration and treatment

Latest AMS Updates

  • We were asked to supply and install an irrigation system to run alongside a fertiliser injection rig on a new table top strawberry unit.

    The new pump-house was designed to initially control 2.69 Hectare of crop but was also capable of coping with expansion in the future. A galvanised water storage tank with a capacity of 200,000 litres was erected alongside the new pump-house and fertiliser house which was linked to the pump house

    The tank filling system comprises of a self cleaning filter, acid pre-dosing system and a pontoon based filling pump capable of filling the tank in 15 hours. The control systems and panels were built to control a Netafim Netajet with feed and acid channels. The main pump system has the capacity to supply 40m3 /hr and incorporates an inverter control with duty/standby pumps.

    A series of pressure reducing valves control the individual field sections and these are situated inside the pump-house. The crop is irrigated by using PCJ drippers which are attached to the table-top frames.

    "The crop is irrigated by using PCJ drippers which are attached to the table-top frames.“

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  • During 2008 we were asked to design a new table top strawberry unit.

    System included: Rainwater harvesting system to store water from the polytunnel structures and a sealed drain water system which uses the run-off for another site feature.

    Two new large galavanised water storage tanks A purpose built campsite with associated sewage works and infrastructure. Complete landscaping and transplant of an existing hedge to improve site access. New farm roads and infrastructure to support the new site/ Bespoke pumphouse, acid dosing and fertiliser injection system to support the growing systems.

    "Bespoke pumphouse, acid dosing and fertiliser injection system to support the growing systems“

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  • We supplied and installed a new irrigation system to supply water and fertiliser to a new blueberry project.

    The project consisted of a new tunnelled nursery containing coir pots and a new production field area also containing large coir pots. The systems had to factor in a combined water source with which to fill a new 700,000 litre tank.

    A portion of the water came from a nearby stream which had to be filtered and pre-dosed before entering the tank, the remainder of the water consisted of rainwater from a harvesting system which had to be linked into the system to ensure that spare capacity was available.

    Two new pump-houses were constructed to service the new sites and were fitted with pumps, filters, injection rigs and pre-dosing systems. The complete system was constructed on site and by working with the farms own staff to commission the project.

    "A new site has been identified for 2011 and working with Cobrey Farms staff this project is already underway.“

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About AMS

AMS LTD was founded as a result of a diversification project into soft fruit which found that there was a significant gap in the market for "turnkey systems".

As previous experienced growers, we are always working with you the grower, to offer practical solutions. Our years of experience designing and installing bespoke irrigation systems, meant that we were in a unique position to offer the customer anything from advice on how to improve existing systems to the design and completion of whole site growing systems.
The service has grown rapidly from having an emphasis on soft fruit to providing water solutions across the agricultural and horticultural sectors and beyond. We are very flexible in our approach offering the customer to take advantage of as much or as little of our services as they require, for example you may just need us to do the directional drilling, install a tank or get the planning permission.

These are some of the key services we offer here at AMS;

  • Consultancy on design and planning for Poly-tunnels and water storage solutions.
  • Abstraction licencing for boreholes.
  • Irrigation systems, designed, supplied and installed.
  • Fertigation and acidification systems for covered and uncovered crops.
  • Water filtration and treatment for livestock, poultry and general irrigation systems.
  • Electrical services including bespoke control panels.

AMS has grown rapidly over the last 8 years and our experienced workforce, modern machinery and large stores allows us to offer first class service to our customers in the event of breakdown ensuring that they are up and running as soon as possible.

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AMS Services


    We offer a wide range of water treatment options to cater for all requirements.

    This service is designed to complement the Sales and Installation teams and service contracts are available for peace of mind. Water pumping systems are also covered along with on farm/nursery borehole supplies.

    A selection on offer includes:

    • Inverter control systems.
    • Element removal filters (ie Nitrate, Iron, Manganese).
    • Water softeners.
    • Auto-flush sand filters.
    • UV systems.
    • Chlorine dosing systems.
    • Acid dosing systems.
    • Full range of water analysis.
    • Full range of filter elements and sundries.

    It is also possible to design and install bespoke systems which are very often, site specific.

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    A team of installers are based at the Hereford site and provide coverage throughout the UK.

    There are currently 4 teams with fully equipped service vehicles providing an installation service for all your water/construction requirements.

    The range of services on offer include:

    • Machinery/excavators for groundworks.
    • Chain trenching for installing pipelines.
    • Directional drilling unit for road and river crossings.
    • Fusion welding equipment.
    • Reservoir construction.
    • Water storage tanks (erection).
    • Water pumping systems.
    • Borehole projects.
    • Bespoke pump houses (design, build, install).
    • Electrical control panels (design, build, install).

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    Galvanised Water Storage Tanks
    Galvanised water storage tanks are designed to hold large volumes of water from 13m3 to 1000m3. Our tank are WRAS approved with a minimum safety factor of 1.4 which means if a tank holds 100m3 it's been designed to hold 140m3. Option on galvanised or woven anti algae tank roofs are available on request, tanks can be coated to whatever colour you want for an extra cost. Each tank is shipped as a kit form on one pallet and comes with a fully illustrated instruction manual for easy installation. If you prefer AMS are able to quote the complete package which includes preparation of the base through to installation of the tank, or installation of tank kit only.

    Moulded Storage Tanks
    •    Manufactures from UV stabilised polyethylene.
    •    Enduramaxx tank tough and durable.
    •    Ribbed design provides added strength and attractive appearance.
    •    Enduramaxx tanks do not rust or corrode, are impact resistance and long lasting.
    •    Guaranteed one-piece tank construction ensures long term structural strength.
    •    Larger outlets available on requested.
    •    Enuramaxx water tanks are backed wit 10 years warranty (Conditions apply).

    Underground, industrial, open top cone, liquid fertiliser, horizontal and sprayer tanks are also available on request

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